Living Off-The-Grid in a 20-foot Container Van Challenge

Power, water, food shelter and other necessities... These are the things that we are relying on a daily basis. Wondering of going Off-the-Grid? Think of this as a common scene happening to communities that are miles and miles away from the grid that we comfortably living in. What if there is nothing but a shelter for us to begin with? Can we survive out of our comfort zones?

Watch Allan Lear as he lives Off-the-Grid in a 20-foot container van without access to power and water utilities. Witness as he struggle while learning to adapt and overcome these challenges.

Will Allan succeed? Will he able to sustain himself? Stay tuned as the story progresses.

Episode 1

The Container

Episode 2

The Mozzie Net

Episode 3

The Shade Shed

Episode 4

The Composting Toilet